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A Twofold Heritage

  The ravages of winter took a heavy toll on the newly founded pilgrim colony in New England.  The first winter was severe and they were ill-prepared for it.  The long ocean voyage of...

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A Lamp and a Light

           A LAMP AND A LIGHT At this time of the year, we are preparing to return to our winter schedule. Summer months have passed, vacations are over, and school  is about to begin....

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Spiritual Gifts

In his writings, Apostle Paul gives us a list of gifts that God has given to the church–gifts that are to be used for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the...

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“The Promise of the Father”

The Holy Spirit is known by many different names.  In one of His post-resurrection meetings with His disciples, Jesus called it “the promise of the Father.”  On earlier occasions, He had referred to it...

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