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Ezra Chapter 4

The exiles have returned!  What joy must resounded through heaven! The Altar was reestablished according to God’s command, and the foundation for rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem was being completed.  Life should just go perfectly...

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Ezra Chapter 3

We have been studying the book of Ezra.  The context is the history of the children of Israel and gives us a marvelous view of our God whose promises are sure and steadfast.  He...

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Who is Ezra

Last Wednesday in beginning our study of Ezra we reviewed the history of Israel.  The history of Israel is the history of our Salvation.  God has moved through the ages in preparing and presenting...

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Ezra Outline

Our Wednesday Bible Study starts tomorrow night.  We are going to study the Book of Ezra.  I have a link to an outline and also a summary of Ezra.  Let’s be in prayer for...

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As we witness the events of life that swirl around us, we have a sure anchor and a solid hope in the Lord.  As we pray for and support those that are struggling with...

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