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Dec 2019

  As we cross the threshold that leads to a new year, we reflect upon the year that has just ended, and we greet the New Year with quiet anticipation. In bidding farewell to the old year, we pause to give thanks for its many blessings. Some of these blessings have come to us as beautifully wrapped gifts. We have welcomed them with receptive hearts because they have brought us immediate joy. And without hesitation, we have raised our hands and we have lifted our hearts in a spirit of thankfulness to our......

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Dec 2019

  The joyous meaning of our Christmas festival is found hidden in the prophetic promises of the Old Testament and in the New Testament records of their fulfillment. True peace and lasting joy are found in the knowledge that God is with us – Immanuel has come!   Prophetic writings provide many clues to the age-old anticipation of God’s visitation of His people. Initially, God himself spoke the promise in Eden when He said that the seed of the woman would bruise the head of the serpent  (Gen. 3:15). Later, when He......

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Nov 2019

  The ravages of winter took a heavy toll on the newly founded pilgrim colony in New England.  The first winter was severe and they were ill-prepared for it.  The long ocean voyage of more that two months had been taxing.  Some of their number died enroute, and the lack of proper diet had weakened many others.  It was the middle of December when the Mayflower came to anchor in the harbor at Plymouth.  By the end of March their number of 102 had been reduced to only 51, and almost half......

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Oct 2019

  These words continue to symbolize the spirit of the reformation which signaled a new era for the Christian church. It was not a new or a different work than that which was evident in the early church following Pentecost, but a continuation and a revival of that work.  It was a revival of what has been and should always remain the central theme of Christianity.  It is the Biblical doctrine which alone leads to salvation —  to peace with God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  When St. Paul included these......

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