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Jul 2019

In his writings, Apostle Paul gives us a list of gifts that God has given to the church–gifts that are to be used for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ (Eph. 4:12). He likens the body of Christ to the physical body and its members, explaining that each member in the physical body has its own peculiar function and that all of the members work together for the health and the welfare of the whole. There is no competition......

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May 2019

The Holy Spirit is known by many different names.  In one of His post-resurrection meetings with His disciples, Jesus called it “the promise of the Father.”  On earlier occasions, He had referred to it as the Comforter and as the Spirit of Truth. This Spirit affects our lives for good more significantly than any other power.  It is the source of true comfort, of lasting inspiration, of perfect guidance, and of unlimited strength.  We receive this Spirit when we have heard and believed the gospel message of salvation.  (Eph. 1:13)  The continuing......

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Apr 2019

I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE   One of the most moving stories recorded in the Bible is the relationship of the two sisters Martha and Mary and their brother Lazarus with Jesus. They lived in the town of Bethany, a short distance from Jerusalem. Jesus was often their guest. When Lazarus became ill, his sisters sent a message to Jesus saying, “Behold he whom Thou lovest is sick”(John 11:3). After receiving this message, Jesus delayed his journey to Bethany by two days so that when he did arrive, Lazarus had......

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Apr 2019

           Sacrifice and intercession belong to the office of the priest. Aaron, of the tribe of Levi, was the first high priest. He became the head of the priestly order which then by divine command was passed down from father to son in succeeding generations.                                                                                            Before entering the holy of holies on the annual day of atonement, the high priest was required to exchange his ordinary attire for the white linen garments that had been made for glory and beauty (Ex. 28:2). On that day he would offer sacrifice for his......

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