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Feb 2019

“But speaking the truth in love,” is a part of the 15th verse of Ephesians chapter 4, written by the Apostle Paul to encourage the Church in Ephesus, and the Church today in unity. He was personally aware of how important this was to the spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. He had formerly been involved in an attempt to destroy fledgling church of Christ, because he did not have either Truth or Love as defined by the scriptures. He knew the scripture inside out, but was devoid of the Truth......

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Feb 2019

What do promises mean? They come in many forms. As a child, how often did we try to hold our parents to their promises? Was the phrase, “But you promised” something you said or heard when you were young? How great was it when those promises were fulfilled! Promises can be as simple as being based on the word of the one making the promise, or as complex as the business contracts prevalent today. Both are valid only if the giver is honest, and values the one the promise is given to.......

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Jan 2019

We often find ourselves looking forward, in anticipation or even sometimes in fear. It is a part of the way God has created us. The advancement of society has proven that. What a blessing we have in the record that the Lord has preserved for us. Our God has revealed himself over and again as the One that journeys with us. From His presence with Abraham, until today, He continues to bring direction and comfort to all that look to Him. We sing a song titled; “I Heard the Voice of Jesus......

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Dec 2018

I don’t often stop and think about the fact that, it is Christmas!  We know, because of the festivities and decor that surrounds us, that the Christmas season is upon us.  It is a very special time of year.  During no other season do you hear the music  of the season everywhere you go.  Even though is is the middle of darkest time of the calendar year, lights are in abundance and in brilliant colors.   Unmistakably the season of Christmas is evident.  Glad tiding and good cheer are a wonderful message to......

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