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Ezra Outline

Our Wednesday Bible Study starts tomorrow night.  We are going to study the Book of Ezra.  I have a link to an outline and also a summary of Ezra.  Let’s be in prayer for...

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As we witness the events of life that swirl around us, we have a sure anchor and a solid hope in the Lord.  As we pray for and support those that are struggling with...

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The Return

We have recently studied the Old Testament Book of Joshua in our Wednesday Bible Study.  God fulfilled His promise to the people of Israel to establish them in the Promised Land.  How powerful are...

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God’s planning

The Lord not only inspired His Word to be recorded, but He also set up the process for its distribution.  How thankful we are for the written Word and also the various mediums we...

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This is a new experience for me.  I am not a social media person.  I do appreciate the positive results that can add to our maintaining contact in the Body of Christ.  Our God...

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Hosea – Commentary

Hosea The Preacher’s Complete Homiletic COMMENTARY ON THE BOOKS OF THE Minor Prophets By the REV. JAMES WOLFENDALE 1892 THE PREACHER’S COMPLETE HOMILETIC COMMENTARY – HOSEA   Introduction and Preface The Prophet. Hosea = salvation, deliverance, from the same...

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