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Lent’s Focus

The focus of someone that believes is called faith.  Hebrews chapter 11 is often referred to as the faith chapter. The chapter opens with, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the...

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We are approaching the time in the church year known as Lent.  It seems as though the  Christmas season was just yesterday.  The birth of Jesus was a momentous event in history and a...

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Ezra Chapter 7

We return to Wednesday Bible Study and the book of Ezra.  The first 6 chapters brought us the exiles returning and rebuilding the Temple and most importantly re-establishing the worship of the one True...

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A Blest New Year

The old has passed and the new begun in our measurement, called time.  One of the multitude of blessings we have in believing, is knowing not only the gift of life, but also knowing...

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Christmas Day

Due to slippery roads Church is cancelled today, on Christmas Day.   May the Joy and Peace in believing, be yours in the Christ of Christmas.  Look to Jesus each and every day, in...

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It is Christmas!

“It is Christmas” written by Mary B. Mickelsen is a song we sing at this time of year and expresses this thought in the first verse: “It is Christmas in the Kingdom,  Hearts are...

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