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God’s Time

2 Chronicles 29:36 KJV

“And Hezekiah rejoiced, and all the people, that God had prepared the people: for the thing was done suddenly.”

When I talk to people that are in generations older than myself, there is a common reflection about how time flies. They look back and marvel at the water that has passed under the bridge. They recognize that the time that they have that lies before them is shorter than the time that they have spent here on earth. When I am talking to a believer I don’t usually hear regrets, rather I will hear something to the effect that God is good. Although not always easy, they have trusted in God‘s will for their life and have abided in Gods grace.

In my time here on earth, I also recognize the Swift passage of the years. It can feel like life is ebbing away. It seems only yesterday that I was but a young boy under the tutelage of my parents. At a young age we oftentimes wish our lives away waiting for this or that, but when we grow older we wonder where that time has gone.

We read in the Chronicles of how Hezekiah came to power as a king and ordered that the temple be opened back up after being closed by his father before him. This was no small feat to be done, and yet it tells us in the verse above that it was done suddenly. This word suddenly can mean unexpectedly or promptly. I don’t believe God does anything unexpectedly. I believe in this instance the writer meant it to be promptly. It was prompt in that it only took two weeks for the King’s order to be completed, but also prompt because it was done in God’s time.

If we wait on Him and abide in his grace, his will is done in our lives promptly. This doesn’t mean it always aligns with what our definition of prompt would be, but rather when He sees fit. We can see this if we look back in our lives, but we also see it if we look back about 2020 years. The Apostle Paul tell us in his letter to the Galatians “But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.” That Fulness of time could also be described as “at the perfect time”.

I encourage all to look to Jesus who has redeemed us and given us the adoption of sons so that we are become joint heirs with him of our Heavenly Father. Rest in the knowledge that He makes all things beautiful in His time, for today is the day of grace.

Hans Lampinen

Submitted by Pastor Stan

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