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Seemingly small encounters

We may never know the impact of a small word of encouragement. Barbara Selin, one of the elders of our Congregation passed away on July 29th. Though the last few years have been difficult health wise for her, the memories of her remain strong. May the Lord bless each of us with someone like her in our lives. The following is one of those memories sent to me- Pastor Stan

“Just some thoughts I had this morning about Barbara. I appreciated her gentle spirit.

When I heard the news of the passing of Barbara Selin, I began to reflect on this kind woman who had been a fellow churchgoer of mine. We had attended the same church for my entire life. She was a fixture in the Seattle church and had always been around. What did I really know of her?

For many years all that I knew was that she was the grandmother of friends in my generation and had a twin sister. I didn’t know her from the heart until I married and started having children of my own. On Sunday mornings, Barbara would stop by the pew that we sat in on the way up to her own pew and greet my wife Anna and I. She never failed to ask how we were doing and how the kids were. You could always count on her to bring a gift when a new child was born.

Sunday after Sunday we would hear from her how much of a blessing children were. That they were gifts from God. Often she would have some story of her own children or grandchildren, or just relate that she had seen one of them recently. She had an abiding love for her family that was apparent every time she spoke of them. These brief exchanges of a minute or two would not seem to be life changing in and of themselves, but taken on a whole, Sunday after Sunday, they become a volume or textbook that she taught.

She was reflecting Gods love, and showing Anna and myself what it means to be a Godly wife, mother and grandmother. We learned that her care for her family extended much further than just the natural love and affection that she had for them. She cared deeply for their soul’s salvation. This is the love that our Father in Heaven has for all of mankind. That he would send his Son to die on that center cross of Calvary out of the great love he had for us before we even knew him.

We will miss Barbara, but are thankful she has gained the victory in Jesus.

Praise God for his unspeakable mercies to us in Christ.”

Hans Lampinen  Friday August 4, 2023

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