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Ezra Chapter 4

The exiles have returned!  What joy must resounded through heaven! The Altar was reestablished according to God’s command, and the foundation for rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem was being completed.  Life should just go perfectly from here on forward.  Yet as it is in our lives of faith, God hasn’t promised a perfect journey this side of heaven.  Road blocks came up for the children of Israel, and put a stop to the rebuilding.  A 14 year halt to construction!

What did God promise to the His children?  The song writer Alfred B. Smith wrote that it isn’t ” flower strewn pathways”.  He has promised to be with us in the middle of every struggle or difficulty.  He has promised to provide strength for every moment of need.  He didn’t abandon His people in their Babylonian captivity, nor will He in your greatest trial or sorrow.  Jesus came to this earth, to bear our sins and burdens, to provide for us what we can not do for ourselves.  He provides a life, here and now, that is rich and full.  Jesus gives us a life that is eternal.

Yes they would complete the Temple in Jerusalem, as God promised.  They would rejoice in seeing His faithfulness.  He cares for you as much as He cared for His children in the 5th century B.C.  He remains today, as the God worthy of all praise!

Pastor Stan

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