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Ezra Chapter 7

We return to Wednesday Bible Study and the book of Ezra.  The first 6 chapters brought us the exiles returning and rebuilding the Temple and most importantly re-establishing the worship of the one True God of Israel.  Ezra records his own personal return in the last part of his record.  Here is a summary of chapters 7-10:

II. THE RETURN OF THE JEWS FROM BABYLON TO JERUSALEM UNDER EZRA, AND THE REFORMATION WHICH HE ACCOMPLISHED AMONGST THE PEOPLE (chaps. 7–10). i.    The return of Ezra and his company from Babylon to Jerusalem (chaps. 7 and 8). 1.    The genealogy of Ezra, and a statement concerning his going with others to Jerusalem (chap. Ezr_7:1-10). 2.    The letter of Artaxerxes the king, authorising Ezra to do certain things (vers. 11–26). 3.    Ezra’s praise to God for the kindness of the king (vers. 27 and 28). 4.    The list of the names and the number of those who accompanied Ezra (chap. Ezr_8:1-14). 5.    Their encampment by “the river that runneth to Ahava,” from whence Ezra sent for ministers for the Temple, and prepared for the journey by fasting and prayer, and by the delivery of the precious things of the Temple into the hands of twelve priests and an equal number of Levites (vers. 15–30). 6.    The journey “from the river Ahava” to Jerusalem (vers. 31 and 32). 7.    The giving up of the precious things to certain priests and Levites in the Temple, and the presentation of offerings unto the Lord (vers. 33–35). 8.    The deliverance of the king’s decree to the Persian satraps and governors west of the Euphrates (ver. 36). ii.    The social and religious reformation effected by Ezra (chaps. 9 and 10). 1.    The evil to be remedied, viz., the marriages of the Jews with heathen women (chap. Ezr_9:1-2). 2.    The sorrow and prayer of Ezra in consequence of this evil (vers. 3–15). 3.    The proposal of Shechaniah for the removal of the evil, and its acceptance by Ezra (chap. Ezr_10:1-5). 4.    The accomplishment of the reformation (vers. 6–17). 5.    The names of those who had married heathen wives and put them away (vers. 18–44). (The Preachers Complete Homiletical Commentary- published in 1892)

Pastor Stan

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