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Joshua – Book Introduction


Book Introduction – Joshua- (Scofield Bible notes)

Joshua records the consummation of the redemption of Israel of Israel out of Egypt; for redemption has two parts: “out,” and “into” (Deu_6:23). The key-phrase is “Moses My servant is dead” (Jos_1:2). Law, of which Moses is the representative, could never give a sinful people victory (Heb_7:19; Rom_6:14; Rom_8:2-4).

In a spiritual sense the book of Joshua is the Ephesians of the Old Testament. “The heavenly” of Ephesians is to the Christian what Canaan was to the Israelite and blessing through divine power (Jos_21:43-55; Eph_1:3).

The government, as before, was theocratic; Joshua succeeding Moses as the ruler under God.

Joshua falls into four parts:

  1. The conquest (Joshua 1-12).

  2. The partition of the inheritance (Joshua 13-21).

  3. Incipient discord (Joshua 22).

  4. Joshua’s last counsels and death (Joshua 23 – 24).

The events recorded in Joshua cover a period of 26 years (Ussher).  

(Summarized Bible)


Key Thought: Number of Chapters: Key Verse: Christ seen as: Possessions 24 Jos_1:3Capt. of Lord’s Hosts

Writer of the Book: Date: Conclusion of the Book: Joshua About 1425 B. C. The faithfulness of Jehovah to His own has been fully demonstrated.

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