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Minor Prophets on Sunday mornings

We have been looking at the Minor Prophets in our Sunday morning Bible Study.  We started with Hosea last spring and completed up to the 11th chapter.  Next Sunday we will review and move to chapter 12.  The 12 Prophets that have been termed the “Minor Prophets” are not minor in content, but have been grouped together because of the length of their writings.

Hosea was a contemporary with Isaiah, Amos, and Micah.  He was a prophet to the Northern Kingdom of Israel, but his appeal to return to worshiping the one true God was applicable to the Southern Kingdom as much as it is to today.  The relationship God desired to re-establish with His people in the mid-700’s B.C. is an expression of His long suffering and evidence of His great love for all of man-kind.

I have attached a general observation written by Robert Hawker that I thought was well written.  He wrote this in the early 1800’s.  The God of History is the God of today and forever!

Pastor Stan

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