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Who is Ezra

Last Wednesday in beginning our study of Ezra we reviewed the history of Israel.  The history of Israel is the history of our Salvation.  God has moved through the ages in preparing and presenting the work His Son Jesus Christ would fulfill for all of mankind.  Many writers have used the example of how this has been woven like a beautiful tapestry.  To fully appreciate His handiwork we spend a lifetime examining it, to find we have only begun.  There is coming a day when we will be able to rejoice in it’s fullness!

For now we continue to seek the Lord’s guidance through the Holy Spirit.  It is through the Spirit God has promised to guide us to all truth.  We can trust that as God has been faithful to His people in the past, that He will continue to provide for us.

I have attached a description of Ezra from The Pulpit Commentary.

Pastor Stan

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